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  • John Searing
    John Searing

    Catering Manager , Crane Valley Golf Club

    ​Back in 2016, I was given the opportunity to work as a chef for Hoburne. It didn’t take long to realise that Hoburne is a friendly family run company that welcomes everyone with open arms. The support I have received over the years, from the management team, has been encouraging and inspiring. In 2019, I was promoted to Catering Manager, allowing me to develop my career. Dealing with customers directly on a daily basis brings me great satisfaction. I’m now thankful to also be in a position with the ability to help others develop their careers.

  • Andy Clark
    Andy Clark

    Course Manager & Energy and Sustainability Leader, Crane Valley Golf Club

    ​​I joined Crane Valley as a Course Manager back in 2017. We have a great team and take pride improving the golf facilities year-on-year. In my time at Hoburne, I have always been supported to learn and develop within my role and now help another club within Hoburne; Bulbury Woods. I have also been encouraged to pursue goals in other areas and in 2022 began work to coordinate Hoburne's push to become more sustainable. I love the variety in my role and the family feeling working for Hoburne.

  • Hannah Webber
    Hannah Webber

    Reception Team, Hoburne Blue Anchor

    ​I started working for Hoburne Blue Anchor in 2016 as a part time receptionist, which quickly progressed into a full time position. Within a year, I was promoted to a Management position. I had lots of training and guidance from my Manager and from the team at head office. Over the last few years, I have had children and during this time, my Manager was very supportive, allowing me to be flexible. Working for Hoburne, you feel like you're part of a big family, feeling supported, wanted and appreciated.

  • Kamron Flaxman
    Kamron Flaxman

    Woodland Apprentice, Hoburne Bashley

    ​I started my Hoburne journey as a volunteer and I was then lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship position at Hoburne Bashley in the woodland department. I really enjoy my job and I have a great mentor at Hoburne (Simon), and the company are very supportive. I never stop learning and its great to be working in our woodland areas, running workshops and educational classes. I am looking forward to what the future holds for me at Hoburne.

  • Hayley Baber
    Hayley Baber

    Group Entertainment Manager (Apprentice) , Hoburne Group

    ​​I have worked for Hoburne for nearly eight years and very much enjoy my role within the business and love working for a family-run company that supports the growth of its team members. Hoburne is passionate about developing team and ensuring that they are trained to meet Hoburne's values, throughout my apprenticeship I have been supported by my fellow peers, line manager and HR. For me personally, I am at a time in my career where I wanted to further develop my business knowledge and gain a further insight into higher management and business strategy. ​

  • Mandy Buxton
    Mandy Buxton

    Recruitment Partner, Hoburne Group

    ​I started my Hoburne career in January 2023 and I was given a warm welcome and made to feel part of the team from day one. Hoburne are very supportive and their benefits for working for them are amazing. If you want to take pride in your role, work in a friendly environment with talented people and grow, I would recommend a career at Hoburne.

  • Liz Barfield
    Liz Barfield

    Reception Team, Hoburne Park

    ​I joined the Hoburne Park family in January 2020 just before the pandemic. I love my team, we get on so well and everyone is very supportive. The company's ethos is about ensuring a work life balance, they certainly look after us well.

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